Refinishing Hardwood floors.

When is it time?
Refinishing your hardwood floors is one of the least expensive ways to improve and change the look of your home. It is especially impactful if you have hardwood underneath your carpet and/or if you change the stain color.
To some extent, this is a personal choice as to when you refinish your hardwood floors. I certainly have customers who are very particular and like their floors in tip top condition; I have others that have let their floors go for 20-30 years, so there is a wide range. On average, most customers will sand & refinish their floors every 10 yrs or so – potentially sooner if you have a busy household with lots of kids and pets.
Refinishing your hardwood often costs less than most customers think – I love doing these estimates because I always feel like I’m delivering good news – here’s an inexpensive way that we can greatly improve the look of your home…and, it’s less than you thought it would be!
Eco Friendly
For our clients who are eco-conscious or highly sensitive to odors, we offer a low VOC finish (volatile, organic compound), as well as eco-friendly products. “Green” product choices are available in hardwoods, stains, and finishes.


Refinishing your hardwood floors can now be a stress-free easy procedure, without the dusty mess and fumes. Dust free floor sanding equipment uses special hoses, filters and connections to special vacuum machines that capture 95% of the dust created.
The next time you consider sanding your floors – think dustless!